Pelican Brewing Pale Ale, Tsunami, Export Stout 6 Ea

Born at the beach. Since 1996. Oregon Coast. USA. Cheers follow fanatics! Opaque black. Dense creamy head. Dark chocolate malt flavor. Cappuccino-like aroma. Round, clean velvety finish. IBU: 45. Plato: 17 degrees. Our home is the beach, where in Pacific City in 1996, the original Pelican Brewing Company was born. Today we have taken our breweries and our values to other Oregon coastal towns where we wake up each day in a place that reminds us that amazing is possible. Cheer fellow fanatics. This is as good as it gets. Please recycle and drink responsibly. Like the force of nature it is name for, Tsunami Stout will bowl you over with its jet black color and dark seductive aroma. Roasted malts and unmalted barley give this full-bodied brew its dense creamy head and distinct dark chocolate and cappuccino flavors that swell to a clean, rounded malty finish. Grab a Tsunami and head for high ground. ABV: 7%. Brewed and bottled by Pelican Brewing Company.