Hop Valley Cryo Stash Imperial IPA

With color ranging from bumblebee yellow to rich gold, Hop Valley Cryo Stash Imperial IPA is a craft beer with tons of character and flavors. Cryo Stash brings the power of imperial and intensity of Cryo Hops® to an incredibly smooth IPA that will saturate your senses. Baguette-like malt piquancy with a gentle hop bitterness meet sumptuous tropical fruits like passionfruit and musk melon, with just a smidgen of currant-like cattiness and 8.7% ABV. Each sip is full of taste varieties and delicious aromas that you'll love. Cryo Hops® is a propriety process that harnesses the power of sub-zero, cryogenic separation to deliver the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops. You'll never want regular beer again. Grab a 6 pack of 12-oz beer cans of this refreshing IPA that is perfect for relaxing down or catching up. Founded in Eugene, Oregon in 2009, Hop Valley Brewing was built on its colorful personalities and counter-culture community. From the first sip, there is no mistaking we were born in a state rich in high-quality hops and in a quirky city known for its free spirit.