2 Towns Ciderhouse Cider, Imperial Apple Cider, 6 Pack 6 ea

Original Cosmic Crisp. Profile: Hop on and prepare to send it with the original pioneer of the cosmos, Cosmic Crisp. Crafted with fresh-pressed Cosmic Crisp apples, this imperial shredder will have you hucking craters and airing it out big in zero-G. The Original Cosmic Crisp: The Cosmic Explorer is on a mission to explore new flavor frontiers, as we launch high gravity ciders into a zero-gravity orbit, using Cosmic Crisp apples. Whole Ingredients: Made from fresh-pressed Northwest apples, sourced exclusively from local Oregon & Washington farms, as well as other whole, locally harvested agricultural ingredients. No Shortcuts: Our cider is always slow fermented at cold temperatures. This time intensive process retains the natural character and delicate aromatics of the apples, eliminating the need for additives, which plainly fall short.