Elysian Nordic-Style Pale Ale Skalrok Beer 6 Bottles 12 fl oz Bottle 6 ea

Homage to the Telephone Pole: The design for Skalrok celebrates the oft-overlooked, yet extremely well loved, telephone pole. For without its existence, many events would be amiss: concerts, festivals, dance parties, block parties, missing dogs and cats and lizards and llamas, signs of help, dramatic declarations that mean everything in the world to only that one person. We want a drummer for our band! I lost my favorite pair of shoes, please help me find them. Learn how to fly (yes this is real) Visit the website below for a good time. Are You Down to Honor it? 1. Do it in the best way we know how: make a poster. It can be any size, any shape, anything you want. Get creative. Use your hands. 2. One rule: don't be a jerk. Have the poster be about something you care about, an interesting thing you saw, or just some thoughts you want to share. Keep it cool. 3. Show the world. Stick it on your wall, tape it in your bathroom, take a selfie with it, get a tattoo of it on your left thigh - whatever works for you. 4. Take a pic of your poster and share it with us. Tag (at)elysianbrewing and use the (hashtag)elysianskalrok. What is Skalrok? It is the noise you hear when you drink this beer. It's loud, it's in your face, it makes you want to jump around - but damn does it feel good. We opened our doors in 1996 when bold art and music defined Seattle. We carry that same spirit in the way we brew our beer. It's about taking chances, learning from our missteps, and changing perceptions. Pull up a barstool at elysianbrewing.com. Behold Skalrok, the bearer of the mighty Kveik yeast! A strong performance of malts and hops give this beer a moderately sweet, slightly bitter, and subtly tart taste; but the real star in this group is the Kveik. This special yeast strain gives our Nordic pale ale a well-balanced flavor, and a citrus-forward aroma that is unforgettable. Just plunge it the mosh pit and see for yourself. Skalrok delivers a strong performance of malts and hops, but the real star is the kveik yeast, which gives a well-balanced flavor and an unforgettable citrus-forward aroma. Hops: Cashmere, sarbro, chinook. Malts: Premium two row, honey malt, flaked rice, and golden naked oats. Special: Kveik yeast strain.