Stash Green Tea, Mangosteen, with Matcha

Premium. A world of tea. What is Matcha? Matcha is the jade colored fine powdered green tea used for centuries in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is made from a special shade-grown Japanese green tea plant, which is hand-picked and the tea leaves are ground into a fine powder. The addition of Matcha, with its rich green tea flavor notes, makes this blend even more flavorful. Shop our full line of teas, unique tea gifts, teapots and accessories, or request a free catalog. Savor this fragrant green tea that blends naturally sweet and slightly citrus mangosteen fruit flavor with juicy pear flavor. Referred to as the Queen of Fruit in Asia, underneath its purple shell the mangosteen hides the surprise of bright white segments of tangerine-like fruit. 100% natural ingredients. Sustainable Forestry Initiative - certified sourcing. Recyclable.