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By appointment to her majesty queen Elizabeth ii tea and coffee merchants r twining and company limited London. Twinings of London. Estd. 1706. 216 the strand. London wc2. England. Awaken your senses with a more intense version of this classic tea. Sealed for freshness. Master blender's notes. Notes: Robust, Fragrant, Citrusy. Color: Translucent, Reddish-Brown. Strength: 3minutes (recommended). Twinings has been blending my family tea for years. Legend has it that my ancestor, the second earl grey, was presented with this exquisite recipe by an envoy on his return from China. He liked it so much, he asked Richard Twining to recreate it for him. Generations of my family have enjoyed earl grey tea and today, I am proud to continue this tradition with the tea celebrated throughout the world known as Twinings earl grey. The seventh earl grey. At Twinings, we've been blending earl grey tea for nearly two centuries. But, sometimes, a little change can be good. That's why we are excited to bring you extra bold earl grey - a modern twist to a classic tea. Starting with our original earl grey tea, we added more of its exquisite flavour to create a mouthwatering tea with a rich, vibrant taste. Rupert Byerley-master blender. The Twinings of London Story: In 1706, Thomas Twining began selling fine tea from an English storefront in the Strand, London. Today, Twinings continues to sell some of the world's best teas from the original store and in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Over 300 years of experience. Est. 1706. To discover more about these fine teas, please visit us at For questions or comments, please contact us at: or call us at 1-800-803-6695. Enjoy all 50+ varieties of Twinings premium teas: Ceylon orange pekoe. Black tea. Chai. Green tea. Orgaic. Pure peppermint. Pure Black Tea: Fine black teas in an array of strengths and tastes. Premium Flavoured Black Tea: Fine black teas with just the right amount of flavour. Chai Tea: Fine black teas with sweet and savoury spice flavours. Green Tea: Naturally refreshing teas with a smooth taste. Herbal Tea: Caffeine free herbal and fruit flavour blends. Organic & Fair Trade Certified Tea: Teas grown using strict ethical and organic standards. K-Cup Pods: A variety of teas for exclusive use in Keurig brewers. Ethical tea partnership.