Tetley® Focus Super Black Tea with Vanilla 20 ct Box

Since 1837. With added caffeine. Helps increase alertness and concentration. Naturally flavored black tea with added caffeine. New. It starts with tea. Introducing Tetley's Super Black Tea - Focus a lively, refreshing tea with added caffeine to help increase alertness and concentration. Crafted by our master blender for robust, full-bodied flavor and aroma, it's a cup that's always rich and rewarding. Why not super power your tea and try one of our other super blends? Black tea with vanilla and added caffeine. Caffeine content about the same as a cup of coffee. Contains at least 75 mg of caffeine per serving. How was your Tetley Tea? Let us Know: 800-728-0084. www.tetleyusa.com. facebook.com/tetleyusa.