Q Ginger Beer

Sharp ginger bite not too sweet spicy! Spectacular ginger beer. Imagine the perfect ginger beer - one with a big ginger punch but none of the syrupy sweetness. Well meet Q Ginger Beer. Made with handfuls of real ginger root for an aggressive ginger bit. And agave nectar, not loads of sugar. So Q Ginger Beer is spicy but not overly sweet - it won't leave you feeling like you slept in a rum barrel battered by stormy seas. Enjoy, - Jordan. Jordan Silbert, Founder. Gluten-free. Ginger; Agave; Coriander; Lime; Cardamom. Was it one too many bland meals? Or a disagreement over whose hot pepper was hotter? Either way, we owe a big debt of gratitude to Wilbur Scoville. In 1912 he devised the Scoville Organo-leptic Test, a method for quantifying the spiciness of food and drink into what he called Scoville heat Units. As we agonized over our recipe, we used good old Wilbur's scale to make sure Q Ginger Beer has the spiciness we're all looking for. So thank you Wilbur. Learn more at QDrinks.com. Oops! It's not actually a root. It's a rhizome!