Spice Islands® Pure Lemon Extract 1 fl. oz. Box

Gluten-free. No corn syrup added. Est. 1941. Spice Islands pure lemon extract adds citrus flavor to cakes, cookies, sweet breads and frostings. Add a drop or two or enhance the flavor of fruit pies, dips and cheesecakes. We do everything with the care of an artisan. We search for the most flavorful herbs and spices, from Madagascar to Saigon to California. We don't settle for anything but the best flavors and we preserve the flavor of every spice in glass bottles. After all, more flavorful ingredients make more flavorful meals. Taste the difference in all our Spice Islands products, including: bay leaves; cinnamon; dill; garlic powder. www.spiceislands.com. While most people associate lemon extract with sweet dishes like cakes and cookies, its fresh citrus flavor can bring depth to a range of sweet and savory dishes. Our Spice Islands Pure Lemon Extract comes by its flavor naturally, with no artificial flavors and no corn syrup added. Add a drop or two to fruit pies, dips, and cheesecakes to enhance their flavor. Or try it with lemon zest to add an extra burst of flavor to pastas or stir-fries.; We search the world for spices and herbs of the highest quality. Then we craft and package them to deliver the most authentic and intense flavor possible. That’s why home chefs to have a taste for flavor adventure and everyday cooks who just want better tasting meals fill their pantries with Spice Islands.; Spice Islands embraces the artisanship of the spice experience by taking extra steps to preserve the rich, authentic flavors found in the world’s herbs and spices. Our Bay Leaves are hand-picked in California. Our Garlic Powder is milled to the finest powder for maximum flavor. With Spice Islands, there is a story in every bottle.