Salad & Toppings: 6.75 oz (191 g). Dressing: 1.75 oz (1.71 fl oz) 51 ml. Crisp organic romaine, organic radicchio, organic parmesan hard grated cheese, organic pita squares, and a zesty organic caesar vinaigrette. USDA organic. America's favorite salad, Cesar salad is now taken to new levels by Ready Pac with an Organic Chopped Caesar salad kit. We carefully select and chop romaine and radicchio combine with organic parmesan hard grating cheese, and then add crunchy organic pita squares and a zesty organic caesar vinaigrette for a healthier traditional salad at home. Ready Pac Organic Caesar Chopped Salad Kit has everything you need right in the bag! Ready Pac Organic Chopped Salad Kits follow techniques that provide the highest level of freshness and quality. We trim our fresh produce with care, wash it thoroughly, and then place it in special pillow-packaging that protects against bruising and keeps the salad crispier. Ready Pac Foods is committed to providing the highest quality fresh salads. Visit our website at for more information. For questions or comments, please call 1-800-800-7822. Certified Organic by: Quality Assurance International.