Pepperidge Farm® Colors Cheddar Crackers 2.000 oz

The irresistible little snack that always delights! These munchable, crunchable Goldfish Colors Cheddar snack crackers are always baked. They’re made with 100% real Cheddar cheese. And these rainbow colored crackers are made with colors sourced from plants. Talk about a feel-good snack! These colorful, tasty bites make snack time something to look forward to. Goldfish Colors Cheddar snack crackers are great for lunch as well as munching. You can add them to soups or add them as a side with your sandwich. That’s all it takes to whip up a meal that’s tasty and fun! Kids and adults alike love that one-of-a-kind cheese flavor, so Goldfish Colors Cheddar snack crackers are sure to be a big hit with everyone. And the handy, 2-oz. carton is ideal when you or anyone else in the family is on-the-go and wants something satisfying to crunch on. That means in the car, at a picnic, or in your backpack for later. When you’re craving something delicious, go for the handful!