Cook's Vanilla Powder, Pure 4.5 Oz

The bourbon vanilla. Premium quality. Cook's Pure Vanilla Powder has no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and can be used in the same way you would use vanilla extract. In recipes calling for vanilla extract, simply substitute an equal amount of Cook's Pure Vanilla Powder. A Revolutionary New Vanilla: Cook's Pure Vanilla Powder is the first alternative to pure vanilla extract, but with some real advantages. Now you can sprinkle vanilla powder on your french toast, waffles, or pancakes. You can create your own hot chocolate mix with fresh cocoa or use it as a light glaze for carrots. Cook's Pure Vanilla Powder is also terrific sprinkled on cappuccinos or lattes. In essence, Cook's Pure Premium Quality Powdered Vanilla is the perfect addition to any food or beverage that you wish to enhance with the sweet, rich, but subtle taste of pure vanilla.