Delicare® Fresh Scent Liquid Fabric Wash 50 fl. oz. Jug

25 loads (Contains 25 medium loads as measured to 1/2 cap). Regular machine & hand use. Plus HE safe. Arm & Hammer. Safe & gentle for all of today's fabrics. Won't cause shrinking, stretching or fading. Safe & gentle for all of today's washable fabrics. Delicare, from the makers of Arm & Hammer products, not only safely and gently cleans your active wear and fine washables, but also gives you the added benefits of refreshing fragrance and fabric softening. Delicare leaves your delicates clean, fresh smelling and undeniably soft. Safely Cleans and Softens: sweaters, lingerie, activewear, blouses, dresses, hosiery, swim suits. Safe for All Fine Washable Fabrics: silk, wool, spandex, rayon, polyester, cashmere, fleece, cotton, linen, nylon, acrylic and other synthetics. Delicare Fine Fabric Wash is hypoallergenic so it's safe and gentle on you as well as your clothes. Delicare Fine Fabric Wash does not contain bleach or phosphates. The organic surfactants in Delicare are biodegradable.