Wild Harvest Juice Beverage, Organic, Grape Flavored

From concentrate. With other natural flavors. Free From: High fructose corn syrup; Artificial sweeteners; Synthetic colors. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International, Inc. Gluten free. 50 calories per pouch. Contains 10% juice. Live Free with Wild Harvest: Wild Harvest Organics offer a complete selection of food products that are free from more than 140 undesirable ingredients. But we don't stop there, Wild Harvest Organic products go one step further and are certified organic by the USDA's strict standards and are made only with high quality ingredients from growers and manufacturers who share our commitment to healthy people and planet. Be Sure to Try Our Other Wild Harvest Flavors: Fruit punch, Strawberry Kiwi; Wild Cherry. This product is pasteurized. 100% quality guaranteed. Like it or let us make it right. That's our quality promise. 877-932-7948. mywildharvest.com. To learn more about Wild Harvest products, including our full line of organic products, and for more recipes, please visit www.mywildharvest.com. Recycling Facts: Seventy-five percent of a tree harvested for paper does not wind up as paper product. This box is partially made of recycled materials so that we can take some pressure off our forests and reduce this waste of trees. You can help too! Once you're finished with it, place this box in the recycling bin rather than the garbage. Here are some other ways your family can lend our planet a helping hand. Start a Compost Pile: Every year we dispose of 24 million tons of leaves and grass clippings, which could be composted to conserve landfill space. Recycle Your Water and Pop Bottles: Only 1 bottle out of 4 is recycled. Buy a Reusable Wild Harvest Shopping Bag: Single-use bags are a waste of trees (paper) or fossil fuels (plastic). Save Water: Make sure to turn off water during periods of non-use.