Topcare Underwear, For Men, Large/Extra Large

Dri-Fit: All over breathability. Compare to Depend (Depend is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. Topco is not affiliated with Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc). Fits Waist: 38 inch - 64 inch. Made with Dri-Fit inside to feel more Natural. Printed waistband. With Odor Guard. The Dri-Fit Difference: Soft, breathable material to help you stay cool and comfortable. Comfort: The cotton enhanced surface helps keep the skin healthy by reducing friction. Protection: Super absorbent core quickly locks up moisture and odor. Skin Health: The cotton enhanced surface wicks away moisture to help your skin stay dry. Fit: Contoured between the legs for a better fit and less bunching. How it Works: A lot of science goes into feeling this natural. Sizing and Absorbency Chart: Absorbency: Maximum Absorbency: Sizes: Large/Extra large; Waist: 38 inch - 64 inch; Hips: 44 inch - 64 inch; Weight: 170-300 lbs.