okocat Litter Natural Paper Dust Free

Healthy Pet® okocat™ Dust Free Natural Paper Litter. Active. Happy. Natural. Absorbs 200%. 7 day odor control. Biodegradable. Dust free breathe easy. okocat™ vs lay: Free of harmful chemicals, additives and synthetic scents. Comes from trees, reclaimed fallen timber and unused lumber materials. No dust to bother sensitive systems or allergies. No residue to track through your home. Lightweight box with handle and pour spout so it's easy to carry and store while a fraction of the weight of clay. Clay: Contains sodium bentonite and silica dust that are harmful to your cat and household. Comes from strip mined materials that disrupt our earth's ecosystems. Powdery clay dust which appears every time you pour, clean and change the litter box. Heavy, hard to handle packages that require a box boy to carry to the car. Learn more at healthy-pet.com. Making the choice to switch is easy: To transition your cat to Okocat, fill the empty litter box with 2" of Okocat litter, and pour only 1" of your existing litter on top. Let your cat mix the litters as they are used. When it's time to clean the box entirely, fill more of the new litter with less of the old litter on top until your cat has adjusted to the change. Proven performance of natural fiber. Made of 100% natural paper: But it's what we do with it that really counts. We figured out how to make a cat litter that's as awesome as your cat. For those cats and humans with sensitivity to dust, our paper litter is second to none in dust control and offers incredible odor control as well. Learn more at healthy-pet.com. Absorbs 200%: More is better. Lets just say we've cracked the code on fast and furious absorbency, making sure your kitty stays clean and dry longer. 7 days odor control: The nose knows. Stop odor in it's tracks for 7 days. Odor Shield™ technology helps trap odors within the fiber so they can't escape, seriously. Biodegradable: After nature calls return the favor. Degrades quickly and cleanly unlike clay litters that sit in land fills for years. Dust free breathe easy: A breath of fresh air. Kittys, kids and pet parents that have respiratory sensitivity, asthma or allergies need a litter that is free from dust. Our dust free litter is made of firm paper pellets, seriously free of dust or fine matter for fewer gesundheits, wafting clouds or paw prints on the furniture. California residents- according to CA Law AB 2485, encouraging your cat to use an indoor litter box, or properly disposing of outdoor cat feces, is beneficial to overall water quality. We take pride in the fact that our paper litter provides a health-wise alternative for cats or their humans that may be sensitive to the dust left behind with nasty clay litters. With years of research and a proprietary manufacturing process, we have harnessed the brilliance of short pulp fiber to make a natural paper cat litter that effectively absorbs moisture, traps odors, and is totally biodegradable. Reclaimed wood: It starts with naturally fallen timber or unused lumber materials that would otherwise go to waste. Green processes: The wood refuse is chipped, processed into pulp and pelleted along with proprietary plant based materials that improve the finished product. Back to nature: Our sustainable and biodegradable litters come from the earth, and can be returned to the earth. Learn more at healthy-pet.com.