Fsf Medicated Dog Shampoo - 18 Oz

For dogs with dry, itchy, flaky skin. Contains tea tree oil. Helps relieve itching, flaking, dry skin. Non-irritating & non-drying formula. Deep cleansing formula deodorizes pet's coat. Purpose: Sergeant's fur so fresh medicated shampoo introduces an exceptional skin care product for your pet type. Tea Tree Oil, an essential oil derived from the foliage of the Malaleuca alternifolia has been used as a natural antiseptic in Australia for more than 60 years. This soap-free shampoo is pH-balanced and rinses with extraordinary ease. Sergeant's fur so fresh medicated shampoo's unique formulation temporarily helps relieve itching and flaking caused by seborrhea, while removing excess oil. with regular use this shampoo promotes cleaner, healthier skin, while leaving your dog's coat soft and shiny. Sergeant's is committed to providing high quality products. If you have questions or comments about this product, please write: Sergeant's Consumer Response, PO Box 540399 Omaha, NE 68154-0399. www.sergeants.com.