Always Discreet Moderate 4 Lightly Scented Pads 66 ea

Bladder leaks. Rapid dry + odor lock. Turns liquid to gel. Stays in place. Leak guards. Liners: 1 Lightest short. 2 Very light. 2 Very light long. Pads: 3 Light. 4 Moderate. 4 Moderate long. 5 Heavy. 5 Heavy long. 6 Extra heavy. 6 Extra heavy long. Lightly scented. Underwear: S/M. L. XL. XXL. Overnight + Maximum: S/M. L. Boutique: S/M. L. XL. FSA: Call your health care provider for details. Not available in Canada. For more information about this product and its fragrance visit this product details pages on our website Questions? 1-855-206-8286. Assembled in Canada.