Buckley Dog Treats, Beef Liver Jerky

Sniff. Snack. Smile. 100% real beef liver. Jerky Worth Fetching: Dogs are family. Period. They deserve the best and not all jerky treats are created equal. Pet parents should: Sniff the Facts: Most jerky treats are produced in unregulated facilities, in countries with questionable safety records. Really, it's true. Snack on Quality: Buckley jerky is USA sourced and made to ensure quality and safety. That's right, real meat, American made. Smile Together: Happiness is knowing your dog can enjoy safe, tasty, real meat jerky. We smile just thinking about your smiles. No wheat, corn or soy. No preservative or byproducts. For safety, please provide plenty of water and supervise your dog during consumption. Treats should not make up more than 10% of your dog's daily diet. Visit us at buckleypet.com. Facebook: Facebook.com/BuckleyPet. 100% USA made. 100% USA sourced.