Wilcox Organic Brown Eggs - 12 Ct

Fifth generation Madison and Judson Wilcox. Since 1909. Family farms. Free of antibiotics and added hormones (Hormones are not used in the production of shell eggs). Northwest raised. Free to roam. Over 100 years ago, our great grandfather came to the northwest from Alaska after the gold rush. He did not strike it rich in gold but he did find a large pristine valley, which we now call Wilcox Farms. We, the fourth generation, continue to farm just like our great grandfather did before us. The love of animals, care of the land, and hardworking family values are all principles that our great grandfather passed on. Our chickens can go outside to forage, perch, dust bathe, and stretch their wings. We appreciate your loyalty and we pledge that we will continue to farm for another 100 years! Brent Wilcox. Andy Wilcox. Chris Wilcox.