Darigold Whipping Cream, 36% Heavy 16 fl oz

Whip it, fold it, stir it, drizzle it, simmer it, lick it, love it.There is one fact in this world that is true for everyone. Everything tastes better with whip cream. Everything. Oh you have some pancakes, there, boom, whip cream makes them better. That is a nice cup of hot chocolate I see and, boom, whip cream makes it better. Oh, what a lovely piece of pie, and boom, whip cream saves the day. You plus whip cream equals perfection. Whoa! Whys this Cream last so long?Fresher...Longer...Better, that's our cream motto. This cream is ultra-pasteurized (UP) and simply means that it was heated to a higher temperature making it stay fresh longer than regular jug cream. Enjoy! It's How we Measure Ourselves