(Cn) Comet (French) Pure Home Non Abrasive Powder Scrubbing Cleanser & Deodorizer Lemon Grass Scent

Comet® Pure Home™ Non Abrasive Powder Scrubbing Cleanser & Deodorizer Natural Lemon Grass Scent. New. Granite, ceramic tiles, chrome, porcelain & stainless steel. Scratch free. 98% Natural ingredients. Contains no bleach, dyes, chlorine, or phosphates. Non toxic - no animal testing. Comet® has been an American icon since 1956, always changing, always improving. Now Comet® Pure Home™ offers a new kind of Comet® that cleans tough stains all around the home, naturally.* This Comet® formula cleans and deodorizes without bleach, dyes, chlorine or phosphates. The unique formula has more natural soda ash for cleaning tough stains, and a natural scent to deodorize and leave a fresh clean feeling. And just like all Comet® powders, Comet® Pure Home™ is nonabrasive and will not scratch. Know what's in your Comet® Pure Home™ powder: Ingredients - Calcium carbonate. Source - limestone. Where - Illinois. Why - scouring agent. Ingredients - Sodium. Source - dodecylbenzene sulfonate synthetic. Where - USA. Why - detergent. Ingredients - Sodium carbonate. Source - soda ash. Where - Wyoming. Why - cleaning soda. Ingredients - Fragrance. Source - naturally occuring essential oils. Where - USA. Why - deodorizing. *98% of the ingredients in Comet® Pure Home™ are naturally sourced. **Corian® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Please recycle all packaging where facilities exist. Package contains at least 75% recycled material (minimum 50% post-consumer). Questions Comments Call toll-free 1-800-926-9441. Visit us at www.cometcleanser.com. ©2014 Distributed by Spic and Span Company, A Prestige Brands Company.