Happy Tot Organics Organic Tots & Tykes (12+ Months) Cheese & Spinach Ravioli 4.5 oz

With marinara sauce. No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. 4 g protein. 0 g added sugar. USDA Organic. Always certified USDA organic. Certified Organic by CCOF. Full serving of veggies (1 serving of vegetables is 1/4 cup). Organic is always non-GMO. Non-GMO. Our Happy Promise. No toxic persistent pesticides. Help your go-getter grow better with a full serving (1 serving of vegetables is 1/4 cup) of organic, wholesome veggies! Your tot will love this yummy bowl of 100% whole wheat pasta with 4 g of protein and no artificial preservatives! With love, Shazi, Founder & Chair Mom. happyfamilyorganics.com. how2recycle.info. Packaging made without BPA, BPS, or phthalates.