Republic of Tea Black Tea 50 ea

Steeps 50 cups. Natural, unbleached tea bags. Fine black tea blended with almonds, vanilla and natural flavors. Sweeten the mind tea. Approved by the Minister of Leaves. The Vanilla Orchid from Madagascar: The rich smoothness of real vanilla takes over the first sip of this tea, sweetening the cup. A nutty almond note follows which sends it soaring into the realm of dessert. Top a strong blend with steamed milk for a creamy tea latte. The whole problem with western civilization is that ever since the Greeks, we've been trying to squeeze the mind into the brain - and it won't fit. The great gift of the leaf is that it relaxes the brain, freeing it to float to its true home in the boundless and the inexhaustible - the sublime state we call Tea Mind. - The Minister of Leaves. Join our Tea Revolution! We offer more than 300 premium teas and herbs with many available in sample and bulk sizes. Discover our offerings at: or call: 1-800-298-4Tea (4832) for a free catalogue. Only sustainable ingredients are used. Save this recyclable, airtight container to store refills. Certified Gluten-Free. Sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp. Caffeine Content: Black Tea: 50 milligrams per 6 ounce cup.